About NWE

Negi Sports is one of the pioneers of wilderness education and we are involved in the conduction of outdoor adventure based experiential learning programs for children.

Our mission is to conduct safe adventure based courses structured to encourage growth and discovery, and to inspire confidence, self reliance, concern for others and care for the environment.

Since 2003, our worldwide clientele have shared the unique experience of wilderness education in remote mountain areas, being looked after by dedicated staff and sharing a lifetime experience.

All the programs are designed around our primary goal of providing an incredible journey…one on which children can gain new skills, meet new friends and broaden their horizons by experiencing something well beyond the ordinary.

So when we say “Never Ever Give In” it’s not just a tag line or a slogan, but rather an invitation, a commitment, a battle cry if you will, to explore, discover, and connect.

Never Ever Give In… Keep exploring
That’s Negi Sports

Core Competencies Core Competencies Core Competencies

Core Competence

  • Why you can trust us with your kids.
  • Eleven years of experience in wilderness education.
  • More than 28000 participants have experienced our courses.
  • 78% of our students return for our courses each year.
  • 97% of our students would recommend Negi Sports to their friends.
  • 93% parents found our course an investment of a lifetime for their children.
  • The passion and dedication of our team ensures topnotch guardianship of your child.
  • All safety, hygiene & operational management of each course is headed by a Negi Sports Director.
  • We employ strict standards placing your safety as our first priority.
  • An impeccable 100% safety record.
  • Our staff to student ratio is 1:10 for general supervision and 3:1 for high impact training.
  • High impact adventure activities are conducted by instructors certified by Govt. of India Mountaineering Institutes'.
  • We have doctor on call at each campus.
  • Government hospitals & dispensaries are situated within short distance of all campuses.
  • Girls & boys are housed in separate living quarters.
  • Equipment that is used for skill development is of international quality & standards.
  • All our campuses are situated in an enclosed area with 24 hour surveillance by Negi Sports Staff. We have zero tolerance for bullying.

Charitable Work

Negi foundation, a not-for-profit foundation serves the mission to develop snow & mountain sports including skiing, trail running. The funding, support & promotion helps upcoming athletes gain a competitive advantage in national & international scenario.

Athletes' are positive role models, by connecting them with the next generation we ensure that we are doing our part to inspire the youth around the country to dream big.