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n-lite course

The N-Lite Expedition Course is a true wilderness expedition designed for young people. During this course you'll be with the students of your own age and NWE Instructors' who are our most skilled and highly trained educators who specialize in teaching young adults along with the company director. Gain independence and take responsibility for yourself and your companions. When you get back home, you'll have the skills to enjoy outdoor activities on your own and the leadership qualities to help you step it up in the classroom, on the playing fields, or anywhere you want to succeed. Having fun, learning about the outdoors, backpacking, night out, exploring, and achieving – your summer adventure with N-Lite is about to begin!

In this course you and your course mates will be off to one of Himalayan most remote and wild ranges to enjoy the wilderness as you never thought imaginable- without the burden of a heavy load. Plan to learn innovative lightweight techniques like cooking meal outdoor and staying warm and dry with minimal gear while honing traditional backpacking skills like navigation and Leave No Trace. After this course you will have the knowledge and skills to plan and execute your own light weight wilderness outing, you will live the lessons you need to skilfully travel in the mountains long after your course ends.

You will travel through jungle brooks with glacial water surrounded by sheer glacial craved cliffs, camp under towering conifers (Night out Module) and hike across alpine plateau. You'll learn and use the outdoor equipment with the help of important knots, practice compass navigation, and learn how to camp and travel in Himalayan country. For students craving remote, rugged land filled with wildlife, this is your course.

Age & Class
16, 17, 18 (10, 11 & 12 standard)

6 days

Activity Level
Active strenuous and would involve hiking of at least 20 km in the entire course

Activity Options & Key Features of the N-Lite Program
Learn Survival Techniques including Navigation, Outdoor Cooking, Outdoor Survival and Backpack Hiking. Learn how to use all equipment necessary for outdoor survival like compass, harness, ropes, pulley, and wireless radio sets etc. Compulsory Night Out Module rest of the time stay at the base camp. One Main Outdoor Activity - to be learned and conduct yourself; Learn all the basic involved in it and apply the knowledge and skills and transfer the learning for successful completion of the module.