Our Alumni

Our alumni are conscientious citizens who know the value of teamwork, environmental preservation and community service. Their experience at our courses have helped them grow as individuals with a lot of zeal and zest for everything life has to offer along with the ability to handle any obstacle with courage and confidence.

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I came to know about the Negi Sports Adventure Campp and I was very eager to experience it. I registered my booking for the Senior Camp. We were a group of four friends that visited together. The atmosphere at the base camp was spectacular. At the first day, we went for a small trek to the nearby temple. The tents were alloted to us and we four stayed in one tent. The next day, we went for Natural River Crossing . The River water was damn cold, but it was real fun. Then we were trained to set up tents for our expedition that was to be held the next day. It was a 4 hour trek to the destination. We had our lunch up there and then we set up the tents. We cooked our own food. We had a good bonfire chat. We slept in our sleeping bags.The coaches are very caring and responsible. The food is very nice an tasty. At the base camp, we can enjoy ourselves with DJ, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton etc. The medication is available 24×7 . The safety of the child is ensured. At the end, we, the group of 36 children made a separable bond. I am very excited to visit Manali the next year. Sarthak


Name : Sarthak Bhasin

School : D.A.V Public Schoo BRS Nagar Ludhiana

Year : 2018