Our Alumni

Our alumni are conscientious citizens who know the value of teamwork, environmental preservation and community service. Their experience at our courses have helped them grow as individuals with a lot of zeal and zest for everything life has to offer along with the ability to handle any obstacle with courage and confidence.

I was completely enthralled by the adventures and happiness I experienced at Negi Summer Camp. Out of numerous activities like jumaring, valley crossing, rappelling, bush crafting, and rope course … my heart was all out for valley crossing. I learned teamwork and leadership qualities through the various activities and games. A plethora of excitement flourished and wafted through me during the entire camp. I have made a large number of good friends and already started waiting for the next year to go back and make more unforgettable memories.


Name : Ibadat Gujral

School : Sacred Heart Convent School

Year : 2024