Our Alumni

Our alumni are conscientious citizens who know the value of teamwork, environmental preservation and community service. Their experience at our courses have helped them grow as individuals with a lot of zeal and zest for everything life has to offer along with the ability to handle any obstacle with courage and confidence.

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This was my second year with Negi Sports. I visited Manali this time with my friends. We were a group of 5 friends. In these 6 days, we made million of memories which will never fade away. This was the senior course which included Brook Crossing, Backpacking nightout, Valley crossing, Jumaring and Bush Crafting activities. We enjoyed a lot performing these activities. The teachers and instructors were all very cooperative. The atmosphere of the camp was too relaxing. Our safety was regarded the most. The food at the camp was very delicious. We were engaged playing cricket, badminton and volleyball at the camp. We also watched an inspirational movie at the camp. At the end, all the students made an inseperable bond which will last forever.


Name : Sarthak Bhasin

School : BCM Public School

Year : 2019