Our Alumni

Our alumni are conscientious citizens who know the value of teamwork, environmental preservation and community service. Their experience at our courses have helped them grow as individuals with a lot of zeal and zest for everything life has to offer along with the ability to handle any obstacle with courage and confidence.

This was really an amazing trip a trip i will never forget. I had so much fun time with all the instructors and my friends that i am still in that manali era. I legit saw so many insects in that trip that i never knew they existed and suprisingly i was not afraid of them at all. The food there was really amazing. The most fun part me and my friends slept in tents and we also went for a night treck and the view was amazing. And also our group was named sanskari gunde????.Overall this was a wonderfull trip.


Name : Gunraayna Kaur

School : Shcs

Year : 2022