Get Ready for Adventure: Prepare for an NWE Course Part II

The more you prepare for the course before it begins the you will be able to glean more from the overall experience.

NWE provides MOST of your gear. But shop for personal items.

Upon enrolment you can view a comprehensive list of what you’ll need to bring with you. These lists are created specifically for the geographical area you’ll be traveling in – and for the activities you’ll be doing during your course. You may already have a most of the items on the list but may need to purchase a few but remember to carry each and every item on the list as you do not want to be caught unprepared during an emergency.

Pack the right shoes.

On any wilderness outdoor course footwear needs to be paid special attention to because healthy feet result in making your course a tad more comfortable and injury free. You spend most of your day on your feet walking across uneven path so it is essential that your footwear has the necessary grip to prevent slips and slides while trekking. The sole of the shoe should not be worn as it reduces the grip while walking just like that of a cycle or car tyre. The upper shell should also not be porous and have a tough exterior to prevent injuries from rocks along the path. Hard outer shell can also help keep feet dry during short spells of rain. You can make your shoes waterproof by rubbing wax over them as well

Their dry shoes helped the students reach the summit with ease.

Break in your boots.

No – they are not a fashion statement, but they will be on your feet for the entire expedition (minus time in your sleeping bag or around camp). So you’ll want to break them in. The more hours they are on your feet, the more they’ll mold to your particular toes, heels, ankles and arches, and the more comfortable you’ll be. Wear them to school. Wear them around the park. Walk around the mall in them. No matter what you are doing, you should be wearing your boots! Blisters can be real challenge – and a challenge that can literally stop you in your tracks if you haven’t broken in your footwear. Avoid them by breaking in your boots. This is an easy one.

Get organized.

During an NWE course, you’ll share your time and space with a group of peers. Though you’ll often carry your own clothing and personal items, you’ll also be responsible for group items. At home, figure out how you can improve your organization skills. Are you always losing your flip-flops and leaving your sweatshirt in another room? Now is the time to develop a good system for keeping track of all of your items. With a good system, and an awareness of where all of your stuff is, you’ll be in a much better position to find your rain jacket before the downpour begins.

If you forget any essential item at the base camp it can make a nightout an uncomfortable experience

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