Lessons you can learn from Rock Climbing

Like with most adventures, it’s not just about accomplishing the task. These are some great lessons you can learn from Rock Climbing.

Falling is good for you

If you try to climb and fall, that means that you’re doing something challenging AKA  Stepping  out of your Box AKA growing. That growth will help you become more resilient, which will help you in your daily life as well as while climbing.

Strive to be a team player

For most climbing, you need a partner. Your friends/ Team form a support group to catch you when you fall, cheer for your successes, and help you grow from your challenges.  Helping friends accomplish their goals makes you a better and more compassionate team leader.

Double Check,  Every Time

During rock climbing, if you do not double-check your gear – your harness, knots, helmet, rope,  anchor, belay device and belayer, there are high chances of a fatal fall.

Now unlike rock climbing, your life might not depend on double checking your essays and emails for minor errors like spelling mistakes, or the wrong dates, but it’s still the better thing to do.

Do not Measure your success based on other’s success

For some people, success is just making it up to 10 feet off the ground while for some it may mean mustering the courage to even get to the camp. So it’s okay if you’re unable to climb that steep, long rock or if you’re not getting straight A’s, or getting promotions as quickly as your cousin.  If you have made Progress based on your Skills and Goals, than you’re well on the way to success.

Enjoy the View

It takes a lot of work to get to the top, so when you do, make sure that you pause to take a look around you and soak it in. Celebrate your successes and let yourself feel gratitude for the spot you’re in right now and for how far you have come.

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