Let’s work the NEGI Network! Lets Support! Let’s Get Connected!

Through this blog, the accomplished NWE Alumni can all come together, reconnect, catch up and support each other in their endeavors.


For the past 18 years we have had students participate in our programs and evolve into amazing and talented human beings excelling in their respective professions that we are very proud of.

We are delighted to welcome you, the NWE alumni, to our proud Negi Network, a blogging platform which we have created as a way to give back to our Negi Sports family. Being involved in the Negi Network is the best way to stay updated, meet new people of different expertise, learn new things, grow by creating mutually beneficial relationships, and solve problems as we all know that two heads are better than one. You can also find your old friends with whom you have shared an unforgettable experience, with whom you learned your core essential skills of independence, leadership, communication and the go-getter attitude that you still implement today. We strongly believe that relationships grow and flourish as we invest in them, and yours is the one we cherish the most.

Let’s climb on further as to how as a family, we can help our friends to grow and giving wings to our all pursuits and endeavors.


  1. Show us what you got! -We know you have a whole bunch of talents hidden somewhere within you.Are you writing a book and need someone to ship you? So what are you waiting for? Get involved! Come together, share your story, write a blog, express your talents, show us your moves. Approach us – We are always there for you.
  2. You little Entrepreneur, We see you! – Opening up a restaurant? Maybe a library? Café? Just come to us for our endless support!We will share your story on our blog, spread the word for you, and maybe even drop by to pay you visit. Try us!
  3. Have a mind-boggling idea?– Yippieee!!!Now you’re all grown up! Studying in Grad school or getting your Masters and developed your own niche in thinking philosophy. You wanna make a difference and you have amazing ideas in the back of your head that you know will make an impact? Are you holding up a charity event? Maybe you want people to come together and clean up a park! Want to do something for the community? You might have built this fantastic device that will help decrease the black holes in our atmosphere. Reach out to us and we will broadcast it for you!
  4. Find your voice- You used to write but decided to stop cause you felt unheard? You have all these beautiful thoughts packed in you but you’re too de-motivated to express them? If just reading our blogs don’t inspire you, then pen down your feelings and send it to us, we will post about it and we bet the network will motivate you. The world is filled with chances, don’t miss out yours!

This communication tool is an amazing opportunity to fill the skies with magic, learning and entertainment, and grow as a part of NWE family. Always remember; no matter what you do, what you believe in and what your goals are; Never Ever Give In!

If you have a blog that you’d like to post, contact us and we will chit chat to know more about you and get your story on board NEGI BLOG PLATFORM

Let’s work NEGI Network!





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NWE strives to create leaders who have strong moral code, a strong sense of ethics, and a value system to navigate the difficult challenges they face in life.

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