Safety is of paramount importance to Negi Sports. We employ strict standards placing your safety as our first priority. However risk and uncertainty are central to the concept of adventure. Risk is a platform for delivering meaningful, growth, physical fitness, and leadership. To venture forth, to seek adventure and to try your best, even when you are not certain you will succeed, is the basis of the Negi Sports Wilderness experience. On a Negi Sports Children Wilderness Education Course, you will be living and travelling in remote wilderness settings that will expose you to certain risks. We believe those risks will enable you to gain insights and perspectives unavailable anywhere else.

Please understand that outdoor activities always contain an element of inherent risk. By this we mean that the program has the same level of risk as any private or family trip in the similar setting involving similar activities. We like you to be aware of all possible challenges that you can face while on the course and what are the measures in place that we employ to reduce the hazard of each challenge. Your cooperation and understanding is required to ensure that we maintain are impeccable safety standards